February 9, 2022

Infographics and graphic resources

Here are some great infographics and resources that we have created or found in our research. Feel free to download and use them!

Infographic – Tourism Demand Flowchart

Resource – The Value of Arts and Culture to People and Society

Resources - The Value of Arts and Culture to people and society

This flowchart shows the process to measure that economic impact of a festival or event.

The fabulous infographic from the Arts Council England shows the value of Arts and Culture to People and Society.

Cultural infrastructure phases infographic

Design and construction phases infographic

The Cultural infrastructure design and construction phases shows the various stages that an infrastructure project will potentially go through.

Key benefits of engaging with the performing arts infographic

Key benefits of engaging with the performing arts infographic

This infographic outlines the key benefits of engaging with the performing arts. These are the current main themes being approached in research and of course there are many more!

Considerations in the Management of Cultural Programming

Considerations in the management of Cultural Programming

This infographic presents some of the elements that cultural programmers may consider when they are developing a program for a cultural venue. Each of these elements is complex and nuanced. They are also specific to each venue.

Community & Cultural infrastructure Decision Making Criteria infographic

Five step entertainment health check infographic

Community and cultural infrastructure decision making criteria
Entertainment Health Check

The Cultural infrastructure Decision Making Criteria outlines the steps to take when planning for community and cultural facilities.

The 5 step entertainment health check provides an outline of the key requirements to ensure your entertainment is generating maximum revenue.

The Theatre Economy

Resources - The theatre economy

A really fabulous infographic that outlines the amount of people, services and industries that are involved in the delivery of a performance. This is specific to the theatre however it is easily adaptable across any performance type.

Our work

Hawkridge Entertainment Services delivers successful outcomes by finding solutions to complex issues. We listen to stakeholders and complete tasks in the timeframes required.

Hawkridge Entertainment Services provides a range of services for organisations including strategic analysis, feasibility development and business case writing. Some of our recent projects are:

Hawkridge Entertainment Services are prequalified suppliers under the LGA arrangement to provide purchasers in Queensland, Northern Territory (LB310) and Tasmania (LB309) with easy access to business, finance and organisational management services by providing effective and streamlined procurement services. Purchasers will have an optimal choice of service providers who have a strong regional presence thereby promoting the development of competitive local business and industry, whilst providing commercially robust rates and terms and conditions of contract. 

The range of services offered under this arrangement are indicative of, but not limited to:

  • Accounting & Financial Services
  • Change Management
  • Corporate Governance, Assurance & Risk Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Economics
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Strategic & Organisational Planning Services

In addition, Hawkridge Entertainment Services are prequalified with NSW State Government for the provision of the following services:
Government and Business Strategy

  • Strategy Development and Planning
  • Strategic Business Case
  • Business Performance Reviews
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cost Management
  • Governance
  • Policy Review / Development

Business Processes

  • Business Process Mapping / Re-engineering

Event Management Services

Financial Management and Consulting Service

Other similar projects completed by Hawkridge Entertainment Services are available here.