Sydney Coliseum Theatre, West HQ

The Sydney Coliseum Theatre at West HQ is a new multi-purpose entertainment complex located in the heart of Western Sydney. This unique and exciting venue will create a hub for the Arts, culture and entertainment bringing new events to the region.The flexible and efficient design will allow multiple modes of operation including a 2,000-seat proscenium arch theatre, a 600-seat banquet and events centre and a 2,000 capacity contemporary music space.

Hawkridge Entertainment Services were engaged to assist with the early stage of the design as well as prepare the initial business case for the venue. A subsequent update was also delivered once the project had received final approval. Activities included reviewing and evaluating the current design and operational systems, developing options for the operating model, establishing a financial model including a range of options for revenue generation and the delivery of the final business case. 

The venue will foster growth by nurturing regional development across arts, tourism, education and hospitality assisting to create an inclusive and vibrant community with a positive future for the region. Realising excellence in design for cultural infrastructure, the environmentally responsible design will ensure operations can deliver sustainable long term social infrastructure.

By the community, for the community…people, place and prosperity.

Sydney Coliseum Theatre Animated Fly through