Visiting Sporting Teams Market Analysis

Runner on indoor track

Blacktown City Council engaged Hawkridge Entertainment Services to undertake a study to investigate the likelihood of sporting teams, squads and individuals from Asia and the Pacific regions utilising the facilities at the International Centre for Training Excellence (ICTE) and the Blacktown International Sports Park. It was delivered initially through a strategic analysis of the potential markets. Subsequently discussions with a selection of representatives from various teams, agents/intermediaries and high-performance professionals occurred. These were undertaken to understand if the ICTE project has the appropriate infrastructure required to attract international teams and athletes.

Thanyapura Resort, Thailand

The analysis for the report included the following actions.

Mapping of Leagues and Teams across Asia and the Pacific

A review of leagues and major teams across the Asia Pacific region including football and baseball teams and National sporting bodies. Once the major leagues had been outlined, contact was made with appropriate individuals through Hawkridge Entertainment Services vast range of contacts. National sporting associations were also spoken with to add to the breadth of the study.

Review of Access Channels;

The study also took into consideration how the ICTE would engage with potential teams to attract them to the facility. This included analysis of items such as direct marketing, using agents or intermediaries and networking.

Market Sounding

The market sounding occurred through discussions with a range of sporting organisations and individuals across the entire Asian and Pacific regions. Interviews were conducted on location in the following cities:

    • Singapore;
    • Hong Kong;
    • Japan;
    • Australia; and
    • South Korea.

In addition, further discussions also occurred with organisations in:

    • Thailand; 
    • Malaysia;
    • India;
    • Vietnam;
    • Fiji; and
    • New Zealand.

Discussion with High-Performance Experts

A range of industry leaders were contacted including current managers of high performance facilities. Further, operators of high performance gyms were contacted. In addition, discussions took place with high performance Directors engaged with teams and national sporting bodies.

Delivery of Final Report.

Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters Baseball team