Venue bookings software selection

Venue Management Software

The City of Ryde council engaged Hawkridge Entertainment Services to assist in the review of venue management bookings software requirements for the community and cultural facilities in Ryde.

The aim of venue bookings systems is to manage all business operations and streamline the booking process. Venue bookings software coordinates the internal and external bookings of facilities. Online systems provide the first point of access for customers wanting to book a room. They are also a way to organise and store documents, track staff tasks and generate invoices.

The Project

The project included a review of the current usage in Council by internal users. Analysis of the areas causing the most significant time wastage and/or operational impact outlined what components were critical to the delivery of an effective solution for internal users and external hirers. This included examination of the booking process to learn where the main points of disruption were occurring.

Following the review of usage, consultation took place with internal stakeholders to formulate the key priorities for venue management bookings system. This included development of the key operational and design requirements for system as well as investigation of the requirements for integration with other software including financial software and records management software.

Discussions occurred with IT staff and the City of Ryde’s Business Analyst throughout the project to ensure that the project outcomes supported and delivered the projects aims.

There was also a range of internal users and their requirements were often different. This increased the complexity of the project. Hawkridge Entertainment Services were able to find solutions to the issues presented and plan a clear path forward.

Bookings software selection process

Hawkridge Entertainment Services delivers successful outcomes by finding solutions to complex issues. We listen to stakeholders and complete tasks in the timeframes required.

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