Sanctuary Point Library Capital Expenditure Review

Sanctuary Point Library render from front

Shoalhaven City Council engaged Hawkridge Entertainment Services and Networked Urban Solutions to complete a Capital Expenditure Review for the planned Sanctuary Point Library project.

The Sanctuary Point Library project will provide a new library and community facility for the growing population of the Bay and Basin area. Located in the Sanctuary Point Town Centre, the concept design of the new library is for a two-storey architecturally designed building which includes:

  • Foyer and Exhibition Area
  • Customer Service
  • Community / Multipurpose Space
  • Reading Areas
  • Lending Library Collection Areas
  • Audio-Visual and IT Collection
  • Children’s and Youth Areas
  • Program Space
  • Individual Study / Working Spaces
  • Lounge areas
  • Outdoor Terrace and Courtyard

Hawkridge Entertainment Services outlined the business case for the library including the direct and indirect benefits generated by libraries. Further, Hawkridge Entertainment Services completed a Cost Benefit Analysis to determine the total present value of benefits. Subsequently, the benefit cost ratio was also calculated. The benefits generated by public libraries include the direct and indirect benefits derived by users, as well as the benefits derived by the wider community (non-users). The net value of public libraries is most commonly assessed using cost benefit analysis (CBA).

The project will generate important economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits that are not captured in the benefit cost analysis. This is critical as the project could directly respond to the socio-economic issues identified in the region. These include educational disadvantage, youth unemployment, youth disengagement, unemployment and special need groups.

Sanctuary Point Library render

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