Ryde Central Performance Space Financial Model

The Financial Model for the Ryde Central Performance Space (RCPS) was developed to assist Council
to further understand the financial and operational implications of building and operating a performance space.

The development of data for the Ryde Central Financial Model was undertaken between February and March 2019. Revenue and expenditure values were attained through a range of different sources to be able to compare with existing venues delivering similar services and functions.

The financial model was constructed from information from a variety of sources including:

  • Analysis of information regarding the City of Ryde demographics;
  • Analysis of hiring data from the Civic Centre;
  • Discussions with local organisations that hire theatres outside of the Ryde area;
  • Discussions with key representatives of the subsidised arts community;
  • Discussions with representatives of the Venue Management industry;
  • Discussions with commercial theatre/music/comedy promoters; and
  • Discussions with other industry professionals.

The Financial Model was prepared for the proposed first full calendar year of operations, 2022 and
subsequently the development of a 20-year model with varied growth rates depending on which
construction option Council decided to move forward with. For ease of comparison, it was assumed that the facility was in full operational mode over this period.