Roxy Theatre Parramatta Final Business Case

Roxy Theatre Parramatta Final Business Case

Create NSW engaged Tim Long from Hawkridge Entertainment Services to provide the role of Theatre Operations Specialist for the development of the Roxy Theatre Parramatta Final Business Case (FBC). Hawkridge provided specialist advice on theatre operations and audience demand as well as contributing to the development of the design options for the project. This included:

  • Providing proactive expert advice throughout the project.
  • Contributing to the iterative development of the design options, including implementation programming and staging, by providing strategic planning advice, in line with relevant planning (including heritage) legislation.
  • Liaising and coordinating with other project stakeholders, including Create NSW and other consultants working on the project, including the architectural design team, economic and financial appraisals consultant and the quantity surveyor.

Roxy Theatre Parramatta Final Business Case

Specific tasks that were undertaken are as follows:

  • review and evaluation of the viability of design options
  • develop detailed operations modelling for the Roxy Theatre, including:
    • Options for the management model for the new facilities.
    • Programming potential and suitability.
    • Projected level of events and attendances for the different business streams.
    • Staffing structure and resources.
    • Financial modelling including a range of options for revenue generation including FOH and hospitality income.
  • determining whether there is market interest in reinstating the Roxy Theatre as a theatre, including:
    • current performing arts venue competition at a local (Parramatta), region (Western Sydney) and metro (Greater Sydney) scale.
    • audience and visitor catchment analysis, postcode analysis from venues and ticketing providers.
    • Survey work and consultation with promoters and music and venue-based agencies and bodies.
  • examining economic modelling methodologies as applied to theatres and live performance venues internationally as well as more broadly across Australia and NSW to:
    • determine the economic impact of expenditure on capital works to revive the Roxy Theatre building as a live performance venue; and
    • determine what the economic impact of the live performance program and operational activity within the Roxy Theatre will have on the Parramatta CBD (tbc).
Roxy Theatre Parramatta Final Business Case

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