Quarry Amphitheatre Strategic & Business Plan

Quarry Amphitheatre Strategic & Business Plan

In 2023 a Strategic and Operational Review of the Quarry Amphitheatre was undertaken which recommended the development of a dedicated Quarry Amphitheatre Strategic & Business Plan. Subsequently, Push Management with assistance from Hawkridge Entertainment Services developed a Strategic and Business Plan that serves to maximise the potential of the Quarry under the management of the Town of Cambridge for the benefit of the broader community. It is the culmination of extensive review, research, and consultation.

The Plan intends to address short-term, mid-term, and long-term opportunities and challenges associated with the Quarry. The term of this Plan is five years (July 2024 to 2029). The Town and its stakeholders intend to use the Quarry Amphitheatre Strategic & Business Plan for the following purposes:

  • As a management tool for staff and to organise action through prioritised objectives that mitigate challenges and leverage strengths;

  • As a revenue generation and marketing tool to convey the Quarry’s direction to external stakeholders;
  • To measure the success of its principal objectives;
  • To reassess, over time, progress against those objectives and apply necessary course-correction; and
  • To plan the generation and allocation of human and financial resources.

Quarry Amphitheatre Strategic & Business Plan

The Plan was developed through a thorough, collaborative and iterative process involving in-person meetings, interviews, teleconferences, site visits, and thorough expert analysis of the current environment in comparison to benchmarked information and industry standards.

The Plan comprises a five-year Financial Plan and Forecast, Marketing Plan; Management Plan; and an Implementation Plan that outlines Objectives, Strategies, and Actions. Comprehensive analysis is provided in the appendices including a prioritised assessment of equipment and infrastructure needs.

Quarry Amphitheatre Strategic & Business Plan

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