Parkes Entertainment & Cultural Centre

Parkes Entertainment & Cultural Centre

Parkes Shire Council engaged Hawkridge Entertainment Services to deliver a study to explore the viability of constructing an entertainment & cultural centre in the Parkes Shire local government area. The study specifically assessed the potential size and function of the proposed facility, community and commercial demand for the proposed facility, and the potential utilisation and subsequent operational consequences for Council.

Feasibility Study Methodology

The feasibility for the prospective entertainment & cultural centre venue in Parkes followed a methodical and rigorous approach. Initially it entailed a review of recent state and local government plans, assessments, strategies, and policies. This examination served to reveal the regulatory and policy framework within which the venue would operate. Concurrently, an analysis of Parkes’ community economic and social profile, comprising demographic data, was undertaken. This step was crucial in acquiring an understanding of the local context, the potential demographic and sociographic makeup of the audience, and the prospective user base for the venue.

A key component of the methodology involved consultation with stakeholders. This engagement encompassed four primary stakeholder groups, namely, key potential users of the venue, existing venues within Parkes, similar regional venues situated in New South Wales, and potential producers and promoters. The insights and feedback proffered by these stakeholders assumed a central role in shaping the ultimate feasibility assessment.

In addition, the methodology included a comparison with pertinent benchmarking and best practice
references. This comparative analysis allowed for the review of how the new venue would measure against established industry standards. Further supplementing the methodology, an examination of the existing local arts and entertainment infrastructure then occurred. Finally, the analysis encompassed an evaluation of the prospective demand for the envisioned venue. This assessment was instrumental in understanding the local landscape and substantiating the necessity for the new venue.

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