Paranaple Convention Centre Operational Review

Paranaple convention centre operational review

Devonport City Council engaged Hawkridge Entertainment Services to complete the Paranaple Convention Centre operational review. The operational review of the Paranaple Convention Centre (PCC) was developed to evaluate the current operations of the centre, specifically in the following areas:

  • Customer Profile
  • Fees and Charges
  • Review of additional Venues
  • Strategic Direction for the Future.

In the initial phase HES met with the key internal stakeholders to discuss issues, opportunities and to ascertain their respective visions for the future operation of the Centre. Initial review of the
documentation provided was completed prior to arrival. A detailed site visit was undertaken of the
Paranaple convention centre as well as the Market Square pavilion. The purpose was to:

  • gain further understanding of the venue, its infrastructure and service offerings;
  • understand venue performance and current customer base;
  • determine any potential new and/or future business opportunities; and
  • understand the broader strategies of stakeholders and expectations of Council, users and
    venue client base.

Customer Profile

This assessment reviewed current usage data to analyse the types of hirers, duration, additional spends
on F&B, technical etc. The review specifically assessed how each hirer type (meetings, conferences,
exhibitions, special events etc.) is performing and analysed any reasons for underperforming including
reviewing infrastructure and FF&E. Analysis occurred to assess any reasons for lost opportunities
including calendar availability and conflicts between regular hirers, casual hirers and/or short term and
long term hirers.

It also included a brief desktop analysis of other similar facilities in Tasmania and more broadly. In addition, the review included analysis of the depth of the current market for conference,
exhibition and meeting activities including seeking answers to the following:

  • Is there a broader market?
  • What is the venue doing/not doing to support access to this market?
  • How to access new markets and the requirements for success?
  • What are the internal and external factors influencing the access to additional markets?

Fees and Charges

Part 3 involved a review of relevant documentation including the fees and charges for the centre as well
as Councils strategic documents and policies. It included examination of Council managed conference
facilities and ways to implement strategies to balance the requirement for commercial returns with
community need and access. Further analysis then occurred to evaluate the fees and charges structure
and determine how to maximise the commercial returns whilst still making the venue accessible for
community hirers.

Strategic Direction

The final element of the engagement was to review all findings and develop recommendations for the
strategic direction of the Paranaple Convention Centre based on the study.

Paranaple convention centre operational review
Paranaple Convention Centre, Devonport Tasmania

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Hawkridge Entertainment Services delivers successful outcomes by finding solutions to complex issues. We listen to stakeholders and complete tasks in the timeframes required.

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