Mounties Entertainment Precinct Feasibility Study

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The Mounties Entertainment Precinct Feasibility Study is a review of the concept for an entertainment precinct adjacent to the Mt Pritchard Mounties club. The precinct proposed includes a range of entertainment options including:

  • Food and beverage options;
  • Virtual Reality Gaming;
  • Esports arena;
  • Video Arcades;
  • Conferencing spaces;
  • Party rooms;
  • Karaoke.

The study was divided into five key actions which are described in the following detail.

The study reviewed the current trends in entertainment precincts and spaces, including looking at international trends given the universality of activities proposed in the venue. A short discussion also occurred regarding the potential competitors and their location and proximity to Mounties Mt. Pritchard.

The types of activities proposed to be in the entertainment precinct were then defined including examples of other current operations. It is clear from the analysis that there are a number of similar models currently in operation throughout Sydney and Australia however there was not a venue that could be highlighted as one that would be of direct comparison to the proposed entertainment precinct.

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Subsequently, the study reviewed the demographic profile of the area highlighting key areas for consideration. Review of potential providers also occurred however at this stage the analysis has been minimal. This is also partly due to view that the current food outlet offer could be changed to a model that offered a greater range of smaller outlets. It is believed that an offer like this would be more appealing to the targeted demographic as well as provide an opportunity to deliver a food-based destination. A key benefit of this type of offering is that it would provide a regular source of visitation to the entertainment precinct above the activity-based visitation.

Finally, an analysis of the financial projections based on the information collated by the team was undertaken including reviewing all of the available the costs and revenues. Key risks were also outlined as well as potential management and leasing options utilised in the study.

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