Minerva Theatre Feasibility Study

Minerva Theatre from the outside

The Minerva Theatre Feasibility Study had the principal aim of investigating whether a refurbished Minerva Theatre would be a viable performance space in the Sydney market. The Hawkridge Entertainment Services report completed for Create NSW and the City of Sydney also utilised Nick Tobin from Networked Urban Solutions. The report is available to download from Create NSW’s website here.

The project had three phases:

  • Due Diligence.
  • Operations Management.
  • Capital costs and acquisition.

Due Diligence

This initial phase provided a situational analysis of the venue and the theatre market. Analysis occurred to establish the potential future use of the theatre and determine the key elements that would make it successful. It also researched the potential flow on effects for the surrounding precinct. This phase included discussion with market operators, promoters and local businesses to find out the interest in the venue and determine the likely utilisation.

Operations Management

The second phase examined the potential governance options that could ensure the ongoing viability of the venue. A range of management models and acquisition strategies identified the options available. These included commercially focused models as well as models that utlised existing funded arts organisations. Subsequently, preliminary operating budgets outlined the possible outcomes based on the conclusions developed. Financial modelling took into consideration the type of activity that would be likely to perform and the length of time the production was likely to perform at the theatre.

Capital costs and acquisition

The final phase utilised the components established in previous phases to develop preliminary architectural drawings. Initial testing of the spatial considerations was undertaken by Scott Carver to determine the potential space available for seating, FOH and BOH operations. A cost plan established the potential cost for the delivery of the infrastructure project.

Minerva Theatre

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