Leasing Strategy for the ICTE

International centre of training excellence

Hawkridge Entertainment Services were engaged by Blacktown City Council to complete a leasing strategy for the International Centre for Training Excellence (ICTE) project at the Blacktown International Sports Park (BISP).

The objective of the Leasing Strategy is to:
• Identify suitable specialist practitioners and organisations as “partner” tenants for Council (or its Leasing Manager/agent) to negotiate Heads of Terms, for the pre-commitment to leasing/licencing of premises areas within the proposed ICTE, that fulfils the Vision of Blacktown City Council. In achieving the partner mix and allocation of tenancies, will require first considering the operational structure that optimises the value proposition of the ICTE for users and BCC as end-owner; and
• Identify the likely structure of leases including key terms and conditions for consideration and other features likely to assist in gaining pre-commitments.

Specialist service providers such as sports performance, health, sports medicine and imaging will be granted a lease, licence or similar agreements for access rights and to provide services from the ICTE, under either an exclusive, non-exclusive or casual booking arrangement.

It is expected that each service provider will actively participate in developing a unified offering for the ICTE, with each party having mutual obligations and contributing to the development and enhancement of the ICTE philosophy and principles of innovation, collaboration and ambition.

The immediate objective and purpose of this Leasing Strategy is to proffer how to procure interest from prospective tenants which could lead to pre-commitment(s) to leasing of Stage 1 of Phase 1 of the BISP Masterplan, covering the following functions:

  1. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Operator;
  2. Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre;
  3. High Performance Training Operator;
  4. Commercial office tenancies; and
  5. Café & function Operator.

The transformational projects outlined in BCC’s 2036 Strategic Plan identify key priorities for the community, including “breakthrough” areas to advance the long-term strategy and complement the State Government’s longer-term plan for Western Sydney. Council, along with the other relevant stakeholders, will work towards delivering these projects, ensuring the vision is achieved.

BCC has committed $100m to developing an industry leading and visionary project that provides a technologically advanced facility for sports science and training, the International Centre for Training Excellence (ICTE), as the centre piece of the transformational strategy. All existing sports (AFL, baseball, cricket, football, softball, and athletics) will be retained at BISP.

The ICTE will incorporate:

  • Commercial partners such as a university, sports medicine and allied health services (physiotherapy, chiropractor, sports science, etc), injury rehabilitation and medical imaging providers as well as specialist sports performance service providers;
  • Rehabilitation, medical imaging providers and a university;
  • High Performance Gym for sports performance training;
  • Secondary gymnasium for uses that could include but not be limited to specialised testing and analysis, technical equipment, specialised or sport specific coaching and overflow in peak demand periods;
  • Aquatic facilities including hot and cold plunge pools, a warm water exercise pool and a 25m testing and analysis pool;
  • Indoor multi-purpose court;
  • Outdoor fields including an International standard full-sized Turf Field and New Synthetic Fields;
  • Café and catering facilities;
  • Lecture theatre and multi-purpose meeting rooms;
  • Academy style accommodation (100 bed);
  • An upgrade to the existing Athletic track;
  • International standard Sports Science data collection equipment;
  • Individual Consulting Rooms; and
  • Increased onsite car parking for future development.