Issues and Options Paper for Performing Arts Spaces (Indoor and Outdoor)

Issues and Options Paper for the Performing Arts

Hawkridge Entertainment Services were engaged by Coffs Harbour City Council to deliver an Issues and Options Paper for Performing Arts Spaces (Indoor and Outdoor).  The brief included reviewing and analysing outdoor and indoor performing arts, event and conference facilities, spaces and locations across the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area (LGA).  It also included identifying organisations or individuals who may be planning investment in performing arts infrastructure. 

The Discussion Paper for the Performing Arts provided an initial report that outlined the interim findings of the consultant team. This document was then put on exhibition and formed a key part of the community engagement process. Following the period of community consultation, the Issues and Options Paper was updated to include a section on the process as well as any feedback that altered the recommendations. The final report will provide information and recommendations for both outdoor and indoor performing arts spaces that will assist Council to:

  1. Confirm community and stakeholder needs analysis data and research;
  2. Benchmark examples of the size, purpose and costs of comparable indoor facilities;
  3. Identify a range of options for potential sites that could be expanded or redeveloped, including high level construction and operational costs;
  4. Identify options for public/ private partnerships and other models of infrastructure delivery;
  5. Benchmark examples of outdoor performing arts venues and options for infrastructure provision;
  6. Recommend local sites in priority order of suitability for outdoor performing arts spaces and scoping of high-level infrastructure and operational costs.

The Issues and Options Paper for the Performing Arts reports on the following:

  • The outcome of discussions with stakeholders and the community;
  • A review of key documentation;
  • The results of the review of cultural spaces in the Coffs Harbour region; including options for discussion/consultation;
  • Benchmarking against other LGA’s performing arts infrastructure in regional NSW;
  • Review of trends in the design of performing arts infrastructure;
  • Recommendations for Council;
  • An outline of the next steps for the development of a performing arts venue.