Flume Pools Review – International Centre for Training Excellence

International centre of training excellence

Blacktown City Council engaged Hawkridge Entertainment Services to investigate the option of including a Flume Pool in the International Centre for Training Excellence (ICTE) project. The report canvassed a range of issues and topics surrounding the development and implementation of a swimming flume. These include the level of sophistication of the flume, build requirements, usage, management etc.

A swimming pool flume is a compact, counter-current pool in which the swimmer must work against the current to maintain position. In high performance sport, the most popular flume Pool is designed to optimise the characterisation of the swim stroke and related technical/performance issues. This includes not only the elements of swimmer technique (above and below the water line) but also aspects such as swim suits and caps. However, it is only useful in the characterisation of straight-line swimming and not key elements such as starts and turns.

Main users of flumes are research institutions who make available the facilities for hire to sporting and other groups. Generally, they are interested in the data collected and dedicated testing facilities for sport.

The report outlines the background and potential inclusion of a swimming flume as part of the ICTE, specifically addressing:

• A review of Flume Pools;
• User groups/potential utilisation – type of athlete/swimming/rowing etc.;
• Likelihood of use/potential attraction in having the equipment;
• Indicative cost;
• Benefits/risks of including swimming flume Pools in ICTE;
• Comments from industry professionals;
• Recommendations; and
• List of those people consulted.

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