Georges River Sporting Museum Feasibility Study

Georges River Sporting Museum

Tim Long and Frank Howarth from Hawkridge Entertainment Services were engaged by Georges River Council to undertake a feasibility Study on developing a Sporting Museum in the Georges river area.

The Georges River Sporting Museum Feasibility Study analysed the proposed space for the sporting museum in terms of size and type of function that was able to be delivered. It then assessed the competition and potential competitive position of the museum. Investigation of the potential community and commercial demand for a sporting museum then occurred including a review of some benchmark venues. Following this, an analysis of the potential utilisation of the museum including discussion of the specific issues regarding the cultural and sporting context were outlined. Finally, the study completed a short assessment of the museum outlining the potential costs and revenue as well as the generally viability of the museum operations.

The Georges River Sporting Museum Feasibility Study for the establishment of a permanent, purpose built sporting museum within a new community pavilion as recommended in the Hurstville Oval and Timothy Reserve Draft Plan of Management.

The following is a summary of Services Delivered. The study was divided into three key actions which are described in the following detail:

Review & Context

  • Project briefing;
  • Documentation review; and
  • Initial site visits.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Development of engagement plan; and
  • Consultation.

Feasibility Development

  • Review/benchmark of sporting museums;
  • Collection Study;
  • Demand and Governance;
  • Development of Design Principles;
  • Financial Cost Projections;
  • Operational Budget;
  • Funding Options;
  • Development of Feasibility Report;
  • Presentation of Report;
  • Delivery of Final Report.