Economic Impact of the Alex Theatre, St Kilda

Alex Theatre, St Kilda from the front entrance

Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc. engaged Hawkridge Entertainment Services to determine the economic impact of the Alex Theatre in St Kilda.

The analysis of the economic impact of the Alex Theatre, St Kilda calculated the size of the economic impact that the venue has on the local economy. The research set out to identify and then analyse the economic flow on effects that performance facilities generate. The data extracted from activities at the Alex Theatre in 2018 then calculated the economic impact. The basis for the evidence of flow-on effects came primarily from analysis of a range of similar studies including projects in other locations, both local and international.

A copy of the report is available here or from ResearchGate.

The Alex Theatre

The Alex Theatre is the home to a diverse array of performing arts groups and artists. They are actively working towards a common goal, which put into motion 6 years ago by Aleksandar Vass OAM. St Kilda has been the original wellspring of rock music, creative arts, and film in Australia. However, over the last ten years the once great entertainment hub in Melbourne has been on the decline. Six years ago, the Alex Theatre project was set up and changed positively the stabilization of business activities at the top end of Fitzroy Street.

The Alex Theatre is an arts collective of creative;

WritersStory TellersMusicians
ComediansComic ArtistsEducators
Theatre PractitionersDancesTechnologists
FilmmakersOnline CreatorsA Clown or Two


The Alex Theatre comprises six hireable venue spaces – 3 core spaces and 3 support spaces:

Theatre 1Theatre 2The Studio
The LoungeThe Board RoomPodcast Studio

The venue also directly supports arts and innovative projects to stimulate cultural, social, and economic activity that assists our artists and the associated support people to engage and work creatively.

Current Projects

Examples of the current projects that the Alex Theatre manages, coordinates or supports are:

Alex Theatre Co – Cult Musical Theatre

Arts Companies in residence

Alex Rocks – supporting live music                                 

The Red Brick Wall – research & development

Tiny Tales – children’s stories                                         

The Living Venue – Environmental Education

The Alex Café –writers’ program                                    

The Alex Film Challenge – making of films

The eXtension Program – Arts Education                        

Broad Cast Studios – Live and post production

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