Economic impact of Music Venues in NSW

economic impact of live music venues in NSW

In December 2020, Tim Long from Hawkridge Entertainment Services was engaged by Music NSW to determine the economic impact of music venues in NSW. The findings of the report were based on previous economic assessments of the live music industry as well as data gathered through a survey conducted in December 2020.

Music NSW

MusicNSW is a not-for-profit organisation funded by Create NSW, operating as the state music body in NSW. MusicNSW empowers and connects artists and industry through a range of programs and services, including;

  • Levels ;and
  • Sound Advice.

MusicNSW believes that a sustainable and thriving music community in NSW is essential for telling the stories of our people. Music gives voice to our existence, enriches our lives, shows us who we are, and brings communities together. Enabling musicians to share their many stories with the world is the core value underpinning their activities.

MusicNSW’s programs and services empower and develop music communities so that diverse NSW artists and industry can thrive locally, across Australia, and internationally.

MusicNSW empowers musicians and industry through:

  • Professional and skills development opportunities;
  • Providing access to cutting-edge knowledge, ideas and information for self-learning;
  • Giving trusted advice and appropriate referrals; and
  • Providing funding across a range of targeted grant programs.

MusicNSW connects musicians and industry through:

  • General and tailored networking events;
  • Showcasing industry leaders to emerging and mid-career musicians;
  • Profiling industry professionals to our membership; and
  • Bringing industry together for facilitated consultation.

Music NSW is a member of the Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN). Together with Music Victoria, WAM, QMusic, Music NT, Music Tasmania, Music SA and Music ACT these organisations form a national platform to represent the contemporary music industry in Australia.

economic impact of music venues in NSW
Economic analysis

The analysis of the potential economic impact of live music venues in NSW was undertaken to determine the size of the economic impact that the venue has on the local economy. This research initially sets out to identify and then analyse the economic flow on effects that performance facilities generate.

Subsequently, data from activities in 2019 was provided by each venue listed and subsequently the calculation of the economic impact. The evidence of flow-on effects primarily came from analysis of a range of similar studies including projects in other locations, both locally and internationally.