Coffs Harbour City Council – Draft Community & Cultural Facilities Plan 2021 – 2031

The Coffs Harbour City CouncilCommunity & Cultural Facilities Plan 2021 – 2031 aims to adopt a strategic approach to the future development of community & cultural infrastructure in the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area (LGA). Facilities analysed in this Plan include buildings owned or managed by Council such as art galleries, community halls or centres, libraries, museums and theatres. It also included a broad analysis of other community-based facilities identified as a cultural or community resource across the LGA.

Community and cultural facilities provide a space for groups to interact, promoting social cohesion, community connections, participation and a sense of belonging. They are essential to the health and wellbeing of communities with suitable spaces needed to deliver services, programs and activities to meet social, cultural and recreational needs. Demand for a diverse and adaptable range of community and cultural facilities in the Coffs Harbour LGA is growing, driven by population increases and the expanding needs of ageing, socially and culturally diverse communities.

The vision and purpose of the Draft Community and Cultural Facilities Plan 2021-31 is to guide Council’s role in the provision and facilitation of a network of diverse community and cultural facilities, which seek to encourage accessible, multi-purpose and co-located community uses. This aims to support the health, wellbeing and connectedness of the community into the future.

Priority Infrastructure Projects

The Draft Plan outlines the priority projects that respond to community need and population growth and identifies opportunities to help develop a range of other spaces for community, cultural and creative uses. The key priority projects over the next 10 years include:

  • Jetty Memorial Theatre expansion (multi-purpose and rehearsal space);
  • Cultural Collections facility (as part of an integrated corporate storage facility);
  • Moonee Community Hub;
  • Regional Performing Arts Centre/Theatre;
  • Ayrshire Park community meeting space; and
  • Branch Library network expansion.

This work has involved the following projects running simultaneously:

  • A review and audit of Council’s community and cultural facilities and venues;
  • Issues and Options Analysis for Performing Arts Spaces – Indoor and Outdoor;
  • City Hill Scoping Project Site Analysis.

This project and the associated studies have been identified in Creative Coffs – Cultural Strategic Plan 2017-2022 and through resolution of Council.

A press release from the local area news can be accessed here.