City of Ryde Cultural Facilities Review

Curzon Hall at night

The Cultural Facilities Review was undertaken throughout February, March and April of 2019 and aimed to gain a clear outline of the cultural infrastructure currently within the City of Ryde as well as the broader region, the future potential cultural infrastructure and ultimately determine how to ensure that the provision of infrastructure was appropriate.

Hawkridge utilised a range of strategies including:

Phase 1 – Engagement Meetings
Meetings with Council and/or other stakeholders.

Phase 2 – Cultural Infrastructure Analysis
Outline of major cultural infrastructure in the Ryde local government area.

Phase 3 – Review of Surrounding Councils
Review major cultural facilities in surrounding Councils with particular focus on any gaps in the City of Ryde provision:

Willoughby Council;
Hornsby Council;
Ku-ring-gai Council;
Lane Cove Council;
Hunters Hill Council; and
City of Parramatta.

Phase 4 – Priorities
Subsequently from the work previously carried out in Phase 3 and 4, identified and assessed the areas of gaps, key need and priority for cultural facilities.

Phase 5 – Strategic Opportunities
Identified strategic opportunities that exist across the LGA for further development or partnerships with external organisations including commercial developments.
Outlined the opportunities that can be utilised through the effective design of proposed venues.

Macquarie University Arts precinct

Phase 6 – Delivery of Strategic Report
Developed and finalised the strategic report incorporating all the results and data gathered from the previous Phases.

Brush Farm House