Broken Hill Civic Centre 10-year growth plan

Broken Hill Civic Centre

Business analysis and 10-year growth plan

Broken Hill City Council engaged Hawkridge Entertainment Services to complete a business analysis and 10-year growth plan for the Broken Hill Civic Centre. The Broken Hill Civic Centre is a multipurpose venue with theatre style seating for 700 people. It is Broken Hill’s premier venue for performing arts, seminars and conferences, trade shows, weddings, receptions, and awards nights.

Scope of Works

Hawkridge Entertainment Services won the public tender to complete the analysis and growth plan which required completion of the following elements:

  1. Evaluate the current management and staffing of the venue and model potential management
    and staffing structures
  2. Assess future capability of the business
  3. Evaluate the current business practices including pricing structures
  4. Analyse current and identify potential markets, products, and experiences
  5. Develop 10-year business plan to grow the business

Inside the Broken Hill Civic Centre
Inside the Broken Hill Civic Centre

Broken Hill Civic Centre Business Analysis

In the initial phase of assessment three days were spent in the venue meeting with the key internal stakeholders. Discussions were held to identify issues, opportunities and to ascertain their respective visions for the future operation of the Centre. Throughout the site visits and discussions, the purpose was to gain understanding in regard to:

  • the venue, its infrastructure and service offerings;
  • venue performance
  • current customer base;
  • potential new and/or future business opportunities;
  • the broader strategies of stakeholders and expectations of Council, users and venue client base.

In addition to the site visits and stakeholder discussions, a review of venue information was undertaken and compared to national standards and comparable venues. The analysis also undertook the following:

  • Community consultation
  • A review of the current organisation structure
  • Review of usage data including:
    • Review of current programming/future hires;
    • Short analysis of current touring in the region;
    • Outline of opportunities and requirements to successfully deliver;
    • Review any additional infrastructure required; and
    • Determine any recommendations
  • Evaluation of business practices including:
    • Review of existing charges;
    • Benchmarking of hire fees in regional venues;
    • Review operational practices including booking procedures/policies and ticketing; and
    • Provide recommendations for changes.
  • Review of the product offering and experiences as well as the overall market.

Broken Hill Civic Centre 10-year business plan

The purpose of the business plan was to outline the strategy, goals, and financial projections for the Broken Hill Civic Centre in order to guide the growth and development over the next ten years. It provided a roadmap for decision-making, helps to establish KPIs and monitor progress, as well as serves as a tool for communication with stakeholders.
This plan was developed following three key actions (phases) which are described in the following detail:

  1. Consultation with Council operational staff
  2. Analysis of past financial and attendance records
  3. Review of external data to identify trends and patterns together with consultation with Council
    staff across NSW operating similar infrastructure.
Broken Hill Street View

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