Blue Mountains City Council

Hawkridge Entertainment Services was engaged to undertake an Audit and assessment of Bookable Cultural Facilities and Venues to inform the BMCC Community Facilities Strategy. This included the following:

  • An audit and assessment of 28 spaces including their fitness for purpose and needs assessment for future demand for community and cultural;
  • Delivery of a Report outlining results of the audit;
  • Provide recommendations for future provision and transformation of current building stock to meet future needs within foreseeable available resources including options such as divestment/ leasing/change of use;
  • Undertake community and stakeholder surveys and subsequently organise and arrange meetings with major stakeholders;
  • Provide recommendations for future management of facilities including centralised and decentralised options;
  • Provide recommendations (and appropriate tools) for ongoing online marketing and booking of facilities compatible with Council software; and
  • Organise and undertake a range of meetings with Council staff.