Strategic Advisor to the International Centre for Training Excellence (ICTE) Project at Blacktown International Sports Park

Architect: ARM Architecture

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Hawkridge Entertainment Services were engaged by Blacktown City Council to perform the role of Strategic Advisor for the International Centre for Training Excellence (ICTE) Project at Blacktown International Sports Park.

BISP’s founding legacy is from the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The facilities for baseball, softball and athletics were constructed and used for the Games around the then existing local sports fields/facilities. In the period since the Games, additional sporting facilities have been added, some as a result of commitments by other sporting bodies/teams. These include the training and playing facilities for AFL NSW/ACT and Cricket NSW and Blacktown Football Park.

Council has recently completed a review and amendment to the master plan for BISP to consolidate the existing facilities and coordinate planned growth for the next 10 years. This will occur through the improvement on the current facilities and the development of BISP into a significant sporting centre for use by international, national, state and local sports organisations and clubs.

As part of the development of thinking on the future of the BISP, Council recognised the opportunity to develop a world class training centre using the latest technologies. The core use of the ICTE is intended to support sub-elite athletes across a number of sports (represented both within and potentially outside the BISP), rather than be focused on a single sport. It is also recognised that a number of complementary and non-core uses may also be accommodated within and/or immediately adjacent to the ICTE. These uses may include: small scale retail (e.g. café), an allied health organisation (medical imaging, physiotherapy etc.) that may provide consultancy services and insurance organisations seeking access to use the advanced facilities for accelerated rehabilitation services for the general public. Council also hopes to attract interest from a Higher Education institution who may become a significant user of the ICTE.