Jetty Memorial Theatre Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Coffs Harbour City Council is now seeking community feedback on the updated Jetty Memorial Theatre (JMT) Strategic Plan 2022-2026 developed by Hawkridge Entertainment Services.

The Draft Strategic Plan outlines the strategic direction and guide ongoing operations for the theatre over the next five years. It aims to meet community and audience expectations, guide the theatre’s business plan and provide a blueprint for continued sustainability.

The Draft Plan includes goals, prioritised actions and activities for service enhancements and capital improvements. It delivers strategic responses in order to meet anticipated increasing service requirements, industry trends, and to deliver on the JMT’s vision and mission.

The Jetty Memorial Theatre

The Jetty Memorial Theatre is a key cultural facility of Coffs Harbour City Council, delivering three core services;

  • a central venue for the delivery of performing arts in the region,
  • delivery of local community and commercial touring performances, and
  • provision of an annual season program.

The key objectives of the Draft Plan are to:

  1. Increase the overall utilisation of the JMT.
  2. Expand the attendance at all events, activities and performances.
  3. Increase the revenue from services offered including technical, ticketing and bar/kiosk.

Council is seeking broader community consultation, accordingly the Draft Strategic Plan is now placed on public exhibition, closing on the 25 July 2021.

Further details are available on the Coffs Harbour haveyoursay page.

Background Information

A Strategic Plan 2013-2018 for the Jetty Memorial Theatre completed in 2012. It set the strategic direction for the theatre over the five-year period outlining the vision, values, goals, strategies and key performance indicators.

Development of the Plan occurred through consultation with key stakeholders, analysis of past financial and attendance records, review of external data to identify trends and patterns, and an analysis of an online survey. It aims to provide:

  • Clear direction for staff and the community on the JMT strategic priorities;
  • The actions and activities required to achieve stated goals;
  • The basis for resource planning and funding applications; and
  • Alignment with Council’s related plans and strategies.


The core offering for the JMT is a yearly program of performances/shows, selected and programmed by JMT leadership. It is one of the only venues in Coffs Harbour to offer a regular series of performing arts-based shows/performances and the only to be professionally programmed. The JMT also offers a regular series of movie screenings, community arts organisations performances/shows and some commercial hiring.

These activities contribute to Council’s overall commitment in providing performing arts services to the community. Maintaining the theatre, thereby enabling both community and commercial touring performances and provision of an annual season program, are important outcomes for the community. This promotes both local and visitor connection, experience and appreciation for the performing arts industry, and a key attraction and contributor to the local cultural and tourism economies.

The existing services are well regarded and the venue is well supported by the local community. A recent survey of patrons showed that over 90% of patrons agreed with the statement that:

“The JMT makes a contribution to their life that went beyond the cost of a ticket”

Key Dates

Key dates include a public exhibition period closing on the 25 July 2021. Council will have the opportunity to review the final strategic plan between August to October 2021.

Related projects include:

  1. Final Report – Performing Arts Spaces (Indoor and Outdoor) – Issues and Options Discussion Paper;
  2. Community Facilities (includes Cultural Facilities) Planning

This project aligns with Council’s Creative Coffs – Cultural Strategic Plan 2017-2022, “Our community has told us that quality community and cultural facilities, precincts and spaces make essential contributions to our region and lifestyle. Council believes it has a vital role to play in providing and promoting cultural and community spaces (both physical and online) for community and visitors”.

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