Hawkridge in regional NSW

Thrilled to announce the successful completion of three distinctive projects by Hawkridge in regional NSW, underlining our commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes for regional clients.

Broken Hill Civic Centre

First, Broken Hill City Council engaged us to conduct a comprehensive business analysis and create a 10-year growth plan for the Broken Hill Civic Centre. Our objective was to nurture this prime venue for arts and conferences, to its next level of growth. We extensively evaluated existing management and staffing, business practices, future capabilities, and potential markets. We developed a strategic roadmap which now serves as the basis for decision-making and measuring progress over the next decade.

M Arts Precinct Murwillumbah

Next, we worked with the Murwillumbah Arts Precinct, known as M | Arts, to help them overcome challenges posed by flooding events and Covid. We focused on fortifying the precinct’s resilience to flooding and quick recovery. The precinct, home to over 30 tenants, has grown organically over the years and is now looking to expand further. Our work ensured the precinct can continue its growth while handling potential disruptions effectively.

Elevator ARI Lismore

Finally, we collaborated with Elevator ARI (Artist-Run Initiative) in Lismore, another region often affected by flooding. Despite these challenges, Elevator ARI continues to play a pivotal role in the local arts scene. Thanks to funds from Create NSW, we provided a feasibility study on relocating and helped to improve their flood resilience and capacity to bounce back quickly.
These three projects showcase Hawkridge’s dedication to supporting and enhancing cultural spaces in regional NSW. Each project presented unique challenges, and we’re proud of how our team adapted to each situation, focusing on sustainable solutions that support our clients’ long-term growth.
We love getting out and about into regional Australia. To see how incredibly beautiful it is and how wonderfully resilient and culturally engaged the communities are is truly inspiring!

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