Georges River Sporting Museum Feasibility Study

The report, completed by Hawkridge Entertainment Services, outlined the feasibility of establishing a permanent, purpose-built Georges River sporting museum. Tim Long was assisted by Frank Howarth in reviewing a range of information to formulate the most appropriate response.

More than 70 sporting organisations were targeted during the consultation phase, including key user groups of Hurstville Oval. While the report explored the proposed spaces at Hurstville Oval it also considered other locations such as the Hurstville Civic Precinct. The development of other sporting precincts present options for consideration of a purpose-built sporting museum.

Any future developments within a sporting precinct such as the Penshurst Park Sporting Precinct or major cultural site, such as in the Hurstville Civic and Cultural Precinct, could all present options.

The report presented five operating models for a Georges River Sporting Museum for the council’s consideration:

  1. Minimalist approach – A display could be accommodated within the existing Players Pavilion at Hurstville Oval.
  2. A purpose-built sporting museum similar in size to other Council operated/managed models, with the focus of acquiring a collection and creating exhibitions from that collection.
  3. A purpose-built sporting museum with exhibitions based solely on inward loans. The council would not grow its own sporting collection, and instead bring in touring exhibitions from other institutions.
  4. A purpose-built sporting museum with a hybrid model of inward loans and exhibitions. The council would hire travelling exhibitions and utilise other institutions’ collections to create exhibitions, while also slowly building its own collection of sporting history.
  5. A digital/virtual museum existing without a physical space.