Entertainment Health Check

Hawkridge Entertainment Services is pleased to launch its latest business strategy to assist venues to efficiently and effectively achieve their goals – the Entertainment Health Check.

The Entertainment Health Check

How are your venues performing? Are they achieving maximum utilization? Have they provided sufficient revenues to be sustainable in the long term? Are they an intrinsic part of the local fabric?

Entertainment Venues play an important role in generating additional revenue for Clubs and Councils. They can also provide the opportunity for social engagement within a community and the central point for community celebration and gatherings.

Entertainment can also provide the catalyst for increases in club membership and for the development of partnerships with business.

The Hawkridge Entertainment Services 5-step “Entertainment Health Check” comprises some critical items for ensuring that you are making the most out of your entertainment services. The team from Hawkridge will review the following items and deliver practical and achievable solutions to any issues that arise:

The team at Hawkridge Entertainment Services have delivered high profile and successful projects and events across the Sports, Arts, Venue and Entertainment service fields, nationally and internationally.

We also have over 20-years experience in delivering high quality entertainment product for Clubs, Venues and Corporate Clients.

Our ability to develop, implement and adapt strategies and tactics to achieve exceptional outcomes as well as our extensive experience developing targeted campaigns that articulate and create viable partnership prospects will ensure heightened brand awareness.

For more information, please contact Tim Long from Hawkridge Entertainment Services.