July 1, 2021

Economic Analysis

Hawkridge Entertainment Services provides economic analysis including assessment and evaluation techniques to assist in decision making, project and policy development and appraisal.  We apply economics to a range of contexts including urban and regional development, strategic planning, market and need assessment, project evaluation and policy appraisal using analysis such as cost benefit analysis, multi-criteria analysis, economic impact and contribution assessment and feasibility analysis. We have extensive experience in providing assessment and evaluation services across a range of sectors including infrastructure, major projects and property developments to support and inform business cases.

There is an abundance of data and stats available, however the numbers are not necessarily the answer. It is the practical and applied analysis of the data that provides insights and creates value.  It is the story and the picture that the analysis creates that translates into an actual understanding of the current situation and helps to frame the future path. We make complex analysis easy to understand and usable to inform a wide variety of strategic, policy and investment decisions.

Through the applied and practical use of economics and financial analysis, we provide clear insights and help solve our clients’ unique problems.

Economic analysis

Economic Impact

Economic impacts highlight the monetary benefits that a development, program, place or activity can have on a community. Using operating data, we can calculate the impact that your existing venue has on a local or regional economy. Using visitor estimates and financial projections from the development of business strategy, we can derive the future impact of a proposed development or venue expansion. Over the useful life of an asset,  the return on investment is derived from its ability to generate visitor spending and retain resident income.

Common areas of analysis that we offer are:

  • Economic and Industry Analysis
  • Tourism and Visitation Analysis
  • Economic Impact Assessment
  • Population and Demographic Analysis

Some examples of our recent work are:

Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost benefit analysis is the process of identifying, measuring and comparing the benefits and costs of a program or project. It is commonly required for Capital Expenditure Reviews of projects over $1m undertaken by Councils. Additionally, analysis occurs as part of the development of business cases and particularly those that will be required to assessed by the Treasury departments of state governments.

Common areas of analysis that we offer are:

  • Financial Analysis and Business Planning
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Market Assessments
  • Business Case Development

Recent examples of our work are:

Recent clients we have worked for include:

Our work

Hawkridge Entertainment Services provides a range of services for organisations including strategic analysis, feasibility development and business case writing. Some of our recent projects are:

Hawkridge Entertainment Services delivers successful outcomes by finding solutions to complex issues. We listen to stakeholders and complete tasks in the timeframes required.

Hawkridge Entertainment Services are prequalified suppliers under the LGA arrangement to provide purchasers in Queensland, Northern Territory (LB310) and Tasmania (LB309) with easy access to business, finance and organisational management services by providing effective and streamlined procurement services. Purchasers will have an optimal choice of service providers who have a strong regional presence thereby promoting the development of competitive local business and industry, whilst providing commercially robust rates and terms and conditions of contract. 

The range of services offered under this arrangement are indicative of, but not limited to:

  • Accounting & Financial Services
  • Change Management
  • Corporate Governance, Assurance & Risk Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Economics
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Strategic & Organisational Planning Services

In addition, Hawkridge Entertainment Services are prequalified with NSW State Government for the provision of the following services:
Government and Business Strategy

  • Strategy Development and Planning
  • Strategic Business Case
  • Business Performance Reviews
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cost Management
  • Governance
  • Policy Review / Development

Business Processes

  • Business Process Mapping / Re-engineering

Event Management Services

Financial Management and Consulting Service

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