Coffs Harbour Entertainment Venue Functional Brief adopted

An outline of the size and community requirements for the Coffs Harbour Entertainment Venue (CHEV) have been identified. The first stage of a Scoping Study for the project – the CHEV Functional Brief – was adopted at last night’s Coffs Harbour City Council Meeting.

Ideally, the CHEV is a multi-functional hub that can accommodate an audience of up to 820 people in a flexible, inclusive space. It will work for a wide variety of performances and events including music, dance, comedy, theatre, conferences, and more.

Information about the CHEV Scoping Study, the Functional Brief and project is available on Council’s Have Your Say website.

Completion of the Functional Brief expanded on the consultation with community and stakeholders that occurred in 2019 and 2020. Stage 1 was the needs analysis stage – the ‘Issues and Options Paper for Performing Arts Spaces (Indoor and Outdoor)’ project. This year, Hawkridge Entertainment Services further consulted local and regional entertainment industry stakeholders to define the specific technical and operational requirements for the venue.

Hawkridge Entertainment Services are completing the project in conjunction with:

Internationally respected architectural firm Scott Carver

Networked Urban Solutions; and

Locale Consulting.

The Functional Brief

Good design will allow both audiences, staff and performers to feel that they are in the entertainment heart of Coffs Harbour. More importantly, the space should encourage visitors to become participants within the Centre, and to participate in its diverse activities.

Wherever possible, the outdoor areas are an integral part of the overall building concept. CHEV users will also choose to spend some of their time outside – resting, socialising and engaging with others. The outdoor areas play a large part in the initial impression the CHEV makes on people. Whether they are coming directly to it, or even just passing by. Further, the outdoor areas will arouse the interest of site visitors and those passing-by, whilst making distinctive reference to the cultural intent of the locality.

Based on these traits, the overall design philosophy is to provide a venue that achieves best practice design both inside and out. Additionally, it will be practical for operational needs and the likely diverse extent of uses. Most importantly, it will be welcoming for all – regardless of age and ability.

There are five key design principles that are further outlined in the Functional Brief:






Coffs Harbour Entertainment Venue
Extract from the CHEV Functional Brief

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