July 20, 2015

Venue Design

Hawkridge Entertainment Services is an expert in providing venue design advice for new or upgrading existing venues.

Venue Design - Ryde Central Community and Cultural Hub

Ryde Central Community and Cultural Hub

Design Advice

We provide venue design advice that delivers beyond expectations. Our resources allow us the ability to utilise our creative vision whilst having a core understanding of the operational requirements intrinsic to the successful delivery of venue services.

Our diverse experience has seen us deliver successful venues nationally and internationally. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide significant venue design support for brands, venues and ventures in the sports, entertainment and venue industries.

Hawkridge Entertainment Services competitive advantage lies in the combination of operational experience and visionary planning.

Our solutions include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Cases
  • Venue design advice
  • Operational consequence analysis
  • Venue Risk

Sydney Coliseum Theatre

Hawkridge Entertainment Services consulted on the design of the proposed Sydney Coliseum Theatre @ WestHQ, resulting in a state-of-the-art venue for the client. The design incorporates a flexible floor plan suitable for a range of performance and presentation events.

Venue design - Sydney Coliseum Theatre
Venue design 2 - Sydney Coliseum theatre
Venue Design - Sydney Coliseum Theatre

Our Key advantage

It is critical to be able to engage consultants that are highly competent and able to deliver on their proposed methodology. However, equally as important is to find consultants that have delivered these services to the community themselves. This ensures that the advice given is practical and the proposed outcomes are achievable.

This distinction is particularly important when the considering both the political and resource constraints placed on government organisations. Hawkridge Entertainment Services has the ability to take into consideration the capacity of the stakeholders to effectively deliver any strategies and plans.

Our experience in delivering outcomes for both public and private clients gives us a unique perspective to tailor and deliver an effective report for your needs.

Recent clients we have assisted include:

Our Services

  • Financial Services
  • Change Management
  • Corporate Governance, Assurance & Risk Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Economics
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Strategic & Organisational Planning Services
  • Strategy Development and Planning
  • Strategic Business Case
  • Business Performance Reviews
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cost Management
  • Governance
  • Policy Review / Development
  • Business Process Mapping / Re-engineering